Credit despite mini-job

To qualify for an installment loan at an ordinary bank, some requirements must be met – the most important of which is a regular income that also allows repayment of the loan. Whoever earns a maximum of 400 euros does not have sufficient creditworthiness in the opinion of the banks. There are still opportunities for a loan despite Minijob.

Loan application with house bank without success chances

Loan application with house bank without success chances

The criteria for the granting of the loan are as strict as they are clear: a monthly income from an employment relationship which is not in the probationary period and is not fixed-term is required. Equally important is the level of pay: Most banks demand that the salary must be attachable. For singles, this currently means that more than 1030 euros per month must be earned. If one’s own children are also cared for, the limits increase significantly.

Also of importance are the monthly costs: In the case of a loan application, it is usually also asked what the monthly rent is and whether there are any other credit obligations. On the basis of this information, the bank wants to get an overview of whether there is even sufficient scope for the repayment of a loan.

Private loan broker can help

Private loan broker can help

Based on these requirements, the prospects for a loan seem unlikely despite Minijob. However, there is one less creditworthy alternative: a private loan. Because a private lender is not legally obliged to check the creditworthiness. He alone can decide according to his own criteria, and they do not neglect the personal situation of the debtor.

To get such a personal loan, credit intermediaries are helpful.

To get such a <a href=personal loan, credit intermediaries are helpful.” />

On the Internet there are portals on which similar to a used car market supply and demand are brought together. The debtor can create a profile by briefly describing his financial and personal situation. The details of employment relationships and earnings are then checked by the credit intermediary. Then the profile is unlocked. Now the borrower has the opportunity to create a loan request.

The demands for a loan despite Minijob should remain rather modest: Only small loans up to 3000 euros are eligible. The debtor can determine the term and interest rate himself. The competition should always be kept in mind: too low interest rates can ensure that nobody is prepared to invest in the loan. Interest rates above 15% are the rule rather than the exception, especially for the first loan. When repaying pays speed: Such a loan despite mini-job should be able to be paid within 48 months.

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